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Thank you for article, useful info. I also use inversion, it's a good way to solve problem fast with 1-2 steps, cause after you split the chain, you usually see the fastest road. Firstly i knew about it from Goldratt's book, "The Choice".

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Another great post - thank you for illustrations, stories and questions!

This added up a good deal to one of my favorite principles "Begin with the end in mind" by Stephen Covey. I'll try to apply "thinking backwards" tactic to some of the projects I'm planning!

Besides the core idea of the essay, the following resonated with me a lot:

"The value of the initial project idea is to help you identify the purpose of the project."

I heard from a friend recently about "48 hour rule" when buying new things. This concept of artificially induced delay between "idea" and "action" seems to be very powerful as it encourages mindfulness and ultimately saves us time spent on chasing wrong goals and implementing sub-optimal solutions. I really like this mindset and will try to find more use for it - thank you for the inspiration!

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