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Shortcuts are very helpful, thank you for sharing this technique!

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Wow! Thank you for the article and this technic

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Very cool article and technique! Love the sausage story :)

What about shortcuts downsides? Here is a few I can think of:

- Other people won't get your shortcuts, so you have to "translate" (yet another language)

- Other keyboards/input systems won't get your shortcuts, so you have to carry your setup

- Convenient shortcuts may limit the creativity and exploration as one might lean towards a familiar shortcut for speed over researching thesaurus for new words and meanings

On the other hand, the principles described in this article are golden. Planning before doing, reflecting on the past successes and failures, digging to the origin and seeking for improvement to foster growth mindset - all of these things are extremely important, and shortcuts might be a neat way to try something new (fun and efficient!) for the sake of developing the right life habits (ultimate win). I wonder if that was the hidden goal of this article ;)

Thank you and please post more!

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Thank you for the article and this technic. Very interesting. What about Dvorak keyboard, do you use it in your life? Or it was just for an example?

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Very interesting, thank you! Definitely, you have used shortcuts to write this article.

The next article should be about how to read faster. And next how to transfer information without the need to write and read at all (this will be the last one obviously :)

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Make me think of "Code snippet" in coding. I use code snippet to generate code for me just like shortcut in your idea. For example, typing "fc" will generate "function () {}" for me. It makes me 3x faster coding too.

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Any shortcut program suggestions for Windows?

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Fantastic piece. I just went in and created a bunch of shortcuts on my machine, including most of your recommended ones. I look forward to slowly incrementing them!

Question: I've been toying with multiple systems and programs to enhance the active learning process, and keep going back and forth between a basic text editor for note taking or a platform that allows for easy cross linking of ideas. Right now I've settled on Notion for the latter reason, even if its speed is sometimes frustrating. Have you ever experimented with Notion or something similar?

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Very interesting article. I think it would be even better including how the Japanese and Chinese languages work, since the Kanji alphabet is very dense, and sort of have the shortcut idea built-in.

I wonder if that is related to why these folks do better than average in school and college 🤔

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