How to remember what you learn

Sep 24, Thu, 2020

Hey friend,

I’ve spent three hours every day for the past six months figuring out how learning works.

It all began with an innocent question, “How do we actually learn things?” When I asked around, I realized people don’t like talking about how we learn much. It’s a taboo subject of sorts; you’re somehow supposed to know that. So I had to think for myself.

As a result, I’ve built a process that helps me learn, understand, and remember things I’m interested in. It’s great for many reasons, but here’s the most surprising one. I’ve developed enormous self-confidence. I’m no longer afraid when I don’t understand something because I know I’ll figure it out. And I know that because I’ve got a process that works.

Yesterday, I published a distilled version of everything I’ve learned so that you can try it out. It’s a bit long to send over email, so here’s the link.

If you’re interested, give it a shot.


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